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Journey to the Land of Bamboo

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Get Bamboo & Rattan Poles in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

Coolite Bamboo supplies bamboo and rattan poles to homeowners, landscape gardeners, TV and film production companies, and more in Vancouver and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on delivering bamboo poles at great prices. If you want to add excitement to your garden or have a project that requires rattan and bamboo poles, feel free to browse our products below. Find the right bamboo poles in a wide variety of sizes, species and colours. You can even visit our bamboo furniture store to check out our amazing inventory of bamboo poles in Vancouver. Let us know the specific requirements for your project, and we’ll be happy to assist you with your purchase. We also ship all around Canada and abroad.

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Endless Possibilities With Bamboo Poles

Give a touch of nature to your spaces with our quality bamboo poles.

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