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Journey to the Land of Bamboo

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Quality Tropical Decor Supplies in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

Coolite Bamboo carries a wide inventory of quality thatch and tiki products for customers in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Our selection of tiki and thatch products includes straw thatch, palm leaf thatch, thatch roll, tiki torch, palm leaf thatch umbrella, and more. We have thatch and tiki building supplies for homeowners, businesses and movie sets. Whether you want to build a tiki bar or tiki hut, we have the products to help you create a tropical aesthetic outdoor environment. Visit our store to check out our thatch products or ask any questions you may have. You may even contact us to seek help with ideas and planning.

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006 Thatch & Tiki

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Strong and Durable Thatch and Tiki

Let’s help you bring paradise to your home, restaurant or movie set with our services today.

seek help with ideas and planning.
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